Plank-of-Wood Boy is a superhero with a most unusual super power: the ability to transform into a plank of wood at will! He uses this uncanny ability to fight the never-ending battle against crime, as Super-Tim’s sidekick.


The Super-Tim-Mobile


Before I go any further, I’d like to point out that there are two separate series on this website: The “Classic” comics and the New Adventures.

The “Classic” Comics are taken from the original run of Plank-of-Wood Boy comics I drew in 2007. More info on that below.

The New Adventures are the new comics I’m drawing for this website. My hope is that they’ll be a little more polished, and a bit more print-ready for when I eventually release it in a standard comic form.

Make sense? Good!

plank & st stunned


Plank-of-Wood Boy began in 2006 out of a drawing session between myself and my then-10-year-old brother, Tim.

It is a tradition that when I get together with other siblings, we draw comics together. Typically, this involves taking turns drawing each panel; I’ll draw a panel for one story while my sibling draws a panel for a different story — then we switch stories and keep going where the other person left off. This makes for some very unusual storylines, almost always involving sloppy drawings, gratuitous violence and much nonsense. One day, we decided to do a super-hero comic, so I came up with Plank-of-Wood Boy, and Tim came up with… Super-Tim!

Out of this particular creative session came the first three pages of a comic about Plank-of-Wood Boy and Super-Tim traveling to Pluto. I liked the idea so much that I redrew it on my own (with some modifications to the pacing) as a webcomic in 2007, and finished the story. I’m gradually including a slightly re-edited version in the “Classics” section on this site.

With this website, I’m relaunching the comic as a new series with what I hope will be better art and stories, while maintaining the bizarre style of humor!