Here’s where we see our hero use his powers for the first time ever… all though it’s unintentional, and he’s apparently completely unaware.


This page was much more time-consuming than I expected, for a few reasons. I was using a few different methods, including putting the background on a separate layer. The background itself was also just plain tricky to draw (have you ever tried drawing school desks? They’re a nightmare for me!).

You may notice the lettering style in this page is different from the previous pages. If you didn’t notice it, that’s probably because I’ve already gone back and re-lettered the others. I’m trying some different lettering methods (I was using ComicLife, now trying Manga Studio). Not completely happy with either one yet, so I might need to play around a bit more on the next few pages before I settle on something. Once I settle on a method I really like, I’ll go back and adjust the previous pages accordingly, so that it’s consistent.


Incidentally, the school in the first panel is based on my own high school (though with a different name). I posted the first panel on my Facebook page and some of my friends from high school immediately recognized it. The teacher, “Mr. H” is also based on one of my favorite teachers:

"Mr. H" and me at my high school reunion

“Mr. H” and me at my high school reunion


UPDATE: I’ve adjusted the lettering so that it’s hopefully easier to read, and tweaked the image a little bit so that our hero stands out from the background a bit more. I hope you approve. ALSO, if you click on the image, you can see an even larger version than you could previously.

Who is/was your favorite teacher? What would your reaction be if one of your classmates transformed into a plank of wood right before your eyes? Comment below!