After today’s events, our hero is no longer so skeptical of his parents’ relationship. Also, we learn his name: Holt.

I’m trying yet another lettering method this time: Adobe Illustrator, which gives me much more control over the lettering. This is due in large part to some resources and advice provided by Cary Kelley. Cary is the co-creator, writer and letterer of Dyna-Girl (a single mother and superheroine), as well as the creator, writer and letterer of Fallen Justice, which is an incredible story about what happens when the world’s most powerful superhero finds out he only has a short amount of time left to live. If you enjoy new takes on the classic superhero genre, you should definitely check it out!

Speaking of checking stuff out, I’ve just recently relaunched my comedy talk show podcast, Pop Mockers! If you enjoy humor, witticisms, and commentary on pop culture, you should check it out.

NEXT: We find out how Holt’s parents met!

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