Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been such a slacker. I’ve been working on other projects, including a brief stint working with some other cartoonists on a fun project called The Comic Panel.

…but Good News! There is more Plank-of-Wood Boy in your near future. Just, maybe not quite how you were expecting it.



Startin Monday, May 11, I’ll be releasing one “Classic” Plank-of-Wood Boy comic EVERY DAY for 30 days! These are the original comics I released back in 2007 on a now-defunct site called ComicSpace.



On June 13th, I’m going to film a short Plank-of-Wood Boy film. It should be totally ridiculous and lots of fun, and I’ll try to keep you updated on the progress.

If the short film goes well, I’m hoping to do more POWB comics and/or videos in the future.


If this sounds good to you, please tell your friends about it and subscribe to this comic so you never miss an update!



Chris Cowan